Grant Program

The Foundation provides resources to assist organizations in
reaching their health related goals for Phillips County.

The Helena Health Foundation’s mission and goals is to provide resources to assist in the improvement of health care and quality of life in Phillips County.

Although the primary focus of the Foundation is to provide assistance to the ever increasing indigent and aged population of the county, the goal for the Foundation’s programs is to ultimately improve the lives of all residents in Phillips County.

The Helena Health Foundation awards grants to organizations whose projects will aid and improve health care and the quality of life in Phillips County as stated in the Mission. All grants must support the areas of focus as identified by the Foundation as follows: health education, access to health care and health care and wellness.

The Foundation does not ordinarily grant to national and state organizations. However, the Foundation may make exceptions for local efforts.

We Support

  • Health education
  • Improved access to healthcare
  • Healthcare and wellness

Funded Projects

Walking Track

In order to promote the total well-being and physical health of people in Phillips County, Helena Health Foundation awarded grant monies to assist in the construction of UAMS’ Walking Track and Phillips County Courthouse Park along with the renovation of Central High School’s track.

Sport Activities

Research has proven that sports activities are an effective and fun way to get people engaged in physical fitness. Through generous grants to the Twin City Athletic Club, Helena Health Foundation has enabled hundreds of youth and adults participate in youth and adult recreation activities.

In order to advance sports activities in Phillips County, Helena Health Foundation has also advocated for the restoration of local tennis courts in Phillips County. Phase one of HHF’s tennis court restoration project has included the renovation of the City of Helena West Helena’s and Phillip Community College of the University of Arkansas’ public tennis courts.

Boys & Girls Club

Since its early beginnings, Helena Health Foundation has been an active partner with Phillips County’s Boys and Girls Club. With over 60% of Phillips County children and youth being listed as overweight or obese, the Boys and Girls Club is a great vehicle to educate kids – along with their parents – on the importance of physical fitness, health education and nutrition. Boys and Girls Club’s established programs in these areas fit directly within the mission and goals of Helena Health Foundation to advance healthy children and youth.

Gym Construction & Restoration

Studies show that elementary and secondary students benefit greatly in their academics when they have adequate time to develop the whole child through organized play and team sports.  With this in mind, the Helena Health Foundation, through matching grants, has financially assisted with the restoration of gym floors for both Desoto High School and Central High School. HHF also awarded a matching grant to the KIPP Charter School for the construction of a new gymnasium.

Safety Equipment

The physical well-being and safety of all citizens are of extreme importance to the Helena Health Foundation. Some projects that we have funded that work towards this goal include:

  • First Aid/Defibrillators at PCCUA and Desoto High School
  • First Aid Equipment installed in all Helena West Helena Police Departments’ Police Cars
  • First Aid Equipment installed and Helena West Helena’s Fire Department locations.
  • Baby Shower Seats purchased for young mothers to ensure vehicle safety of children.

PCCUA Nursing Program

Helena Health Foundation believes that one of the most effective ways to advance the health of citizens in Phillips County is through health education. Therefore, HHF has fostered a partnership with Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas’ Nursing Program. Through this partnership, HHF awards an annual grant to qualifying Allied Health majors at PCCUA. Recipients of these allied health grants are strongly encouraged to work in Phillips County after graduating from PCCUA in order to ensure that Phillips County continues to have highly qualified health professionals in our community.

Grant Guidelines

To mail in your application please follow the guidelines
below or apply with our online application.

Cover Page

The cover page should include a summary of the background and scope of the proposed project. It also should be signed by chairman of the respective board of directors, and/or the executive director.

Proposal: no more than 5 pages

Please include the following information:
Background Information:
  • A brief description of your organization and its mission/goal.
  • The reason your organization is qualified and able to successfully complete the project.
  • What the need(s) and/or problem(s) this project will address.
  • Provide a list of other organizations involved in addressing the same need(s) or problem(s).
  • Explain why your organization should also be involved.
  • Provide list of who was involved in planning the project.
Project Objectives:
  • What is the overall purpose of the project?
  • How this project relates to the purpose of the requesting organization?
Source(s) of Funding:
  • Do the funds requested from the HHF represent the total cost of the project?
  • If not, explain where the additional funding will come from, (and if possible),
  • Attach evidence of a commitment from the source of those funds.

Documents from the IRS

Additional Attachments


Itemized budget clearly showing total project costs


Copy of organizations most recent financial statement

  • Amounts requested from the HHF
  • Amounts to be provided by your organization
  • Amounts from other sources

Other supporting data that will help explain your project and/or show evidence of your organization’s ability to successfully complete the project


List of the names/addresses of your board of directors

Submission Schedule

Applications must be received in the Foundation
office or online by the submission dates listed bleow:

Grants Due Approved By
First Monday of July September
First Monday of October December
First Monday of January March
First Monday of April June